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Good selection of sinks in stock.  Bathroom Sinks and Kitchen Sinks in a heap of different sizes, colours, ceramics, stainless and laundry tubs. Come on in for a look and see if we have what you need.

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Steel & Iron

We stock mainly new and some used steel section in RHS and SHS, round pipe, flat bar, C Purlin, Top hat section, Galvanised mesh, steel angle. We can cut to length and also welding.

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We have a good range of timber products, including the standard hardwood joist sizes of 100x50,125x50. hardwood studs in 75x50 and 75x38. We sell hardwood tongue and groove flooring and Hoop pine flooring (subject to availability) Heaps of other timber and feature pieces available.

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Hardwood weatherboard treated. Random length, 175mm x 25mm. New..

Timber Doors & Windows

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Bifold Doors $2500

Set of prehung in  frame bifold doors. overall size is 2090mm high and 2500mm wide.  Timber doors with one opening to the left and 2 folding to the right. Opening to outside. Brand new.

French Doors

 We can pre hang/frame these into pairs, triple sets and 4 door bifold units. Give us a call or come in to see.

French Doors

New 8 light and single light doors now in stock. These can be framed into pairs, triples and  4 leaf bifold/concertina sets.

Louver Doors

Good range of timber louver doors in stock...


Here's another great reason to shop with us! We have a massive range of Aluminium Windows, Pre-Hung Windows, Bay Windows, Security Windows, Sliding and more. Many, many different types, sizes and colours. Best to come in  and see for yourselves!

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Sliding Window 1200 x 1800. $395

Wooden Stair Treads & Steel Stair Stringers

We stock brand new galvanised steel stair stringers from 1 tread up to 17 tread. A 13 step pair of stringers costs $590. They come in both bolt on slab and footing into concrete type fixings. These are in stock and ready to go. We have new hardwood stair treads available in different lengths.

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Stair Stringers $260

Pair of 5 tread galvanised stair stringers for $260 a pair. In stock . Also carry complete range of 1 tread to 17 tread with either bolt onto slab or concrete into ground.

Pair of 14 tread $640.

Stair Treads $66 p/m

Merbau Dressed Hardwood. 240x42  cut to length available.  $66 per meter.  ..

Stair Treads - Your Choice of Length!

250x40 Kapur Hardwood Kiln Dried Stair Treads at $49 per meter. Ready cut to 900,1000,1100,1200,1500. Other lengths also available...

Stringers. Set of 12 Risers $550

In stock. 1 through to 17 Treads...